Non-Penetrating and Penetrating Support SystemThe PXL-2 EHD is a heavy duty version of our PXL-2 HD non-penetrating mount. The PXL-2 EHD is able to handle a 3.8M antenna and was designed and tested with larger steel plus additional bracing to add more rigidity to the mount. The PXL-2 EHD is an excellent choice for the customer whose application requires minimal mount deflection.

Larger antennas may be used with the PXL-2 EHD however, each installation must be examined to determine if the mount can withstand the wind loads which may be applied.

1. Handles up to a 12.5' (3.8M) antenna. Larger antennas may be used on the PXL-2 EHD. However, each installation must be examined to determine if the mount can withstand the wind loads it may be subjected to at the site.
2. Ku & C band - transmit and receive.
3. Pad areas - 25.00 and 33.33 sq.ft.
4. Footprints
a. 4' x 6' = 17.8' x 17.8' = 313.8 sq.ft.
b. 5'4" x 6' = 20.4' x 20.4' = 416.2 sq.ft.

Finish - Hot dip galvanized
Mast Diameter - as required
Mast Height - as required

Ballast required will be recommended based on antenna diameter, type and survival requirements.

It is the customer’s responsibility to see that all applicable codes are satisfied. It is suggested that a structural engineer review the application of this product.

An engineering report is available to assist with determining the proper amount of ballast.

A pad can be supplied to isolate the mount from the roof surface.

Under extreme wind conditions the mount should be tethered with cable.

Our mounts are used to support satellite dishes ranging from 18” DSS up to 6 meter antennas.
Baird mounts have also been used to support:
•Microwave antennas
•Cameras (weather,news, surveillance..)
•Cellular antennas
•Off-air antennas (vhf,uhf….)
•Weather instruments
•Laser communications

Also contact SEG for Baird custom mounts, in ground poles, mast adapters, penetrating mounts, ridgemount – non penetrating mounts and other custom fabricated mounts for your communications systems.