8W, 12W, 16W, 20W & 40W IBUC3 KU BAND BUC

8W, 12W, 16W, 20W & 40W IBUC3 Ku Band BUC


  • Highest quality & exacting performance guaranteed through individual unit testing over temperature
  • Superior linearity for maximum useable output power
  • Amplifier overdrive protection
  • User-selectable AGC / ALC for optimal performance & compatibility with modem adaptive coding
  • New high capacity microprocessor & extended M&C functions
  • Weatherized RJ45 Ethernet interface for simplified connection



  •  Local Web Interface & NMS-Friendly SNM P 
  •  70+ User Configurable Thresholds & Alarms 
  •  Upgraded Event Log with 1,000 Sensor Readings 
  •  Performance Trend Analysis Tools & Statistical logs 
  •  Embedded Web Pages for Universal Web Browser Access