1.8m 1878K Mobile VSATThe 1878C is distinguished by it's C Band capabilities. This mobile broadband antenna shares many features with it's predecessor the 1878K Mobile VSAT antenna, the system is a motorized, palletized C-band antenna. It is comprised of a 1.8m solid reflector and an auto-acquisition controller for accurate, dependable, satellite communication worldwide. The antenna is designed to provide high transfer rates for voice, video, and data and provides connectivity in remote environments worldwide where larger aperture antennas are desired.

A cost-effective solution to SNG, the antenna acquires the satellite in a matter of minutes utilizing the one-button auto-acquisition controller, thereby eliminating the need for a trained satellite technician. The cable drive, while reducing backlash to zero, is durable and highly-resistant to environmental factors including extreme heat, cold, dust, and pollution.

• Reflector: 1.8m – Single Skin Steel
• Feed: Precision Horn, 0.6 F/D
• Optics: Offset, Prime Focus
• Mount Geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
• Polarization Adjustment:Rotation of Feed Controller
• One-Button Fully Automatic Satellite Acquisition

**Please note – Installation & Training, Modems, BUCs, Encoders and other uplink electronics available upon request.