Lightning Eliminator

The Spline Ball Terminal from Lightning Eliminators offers a superior alternative to standard air terminals for new or existing lightning protection systems.

Unlike traditional lightning rods  designed only to collect, the SBT is engineered to both reduce the risk of direct strikes and function as a highly efficient air terminal.

In its primary mode, the SBT lowers the  risk of direct strikes through a phenomenon known as charge transfer, where a well- grounded point exchanges ions between the air and earth. This ionizing capability helps keep the local electric field below lightning potential, making the protected site less likely to experience direct strikes.

 During intense storm activity, the SBT functions as a highly effective air terminal, safely collecting any strikes it cannot prevent. The SBT’s unique design and geometry also enable it to collect an incoming strike from virtually any direction, creating a larger area of protection than standard air terminals that rely on a single point.

The SBT Advantage
  • Hybrid protection
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Light weight, low wind profile
  • Minimizes risk to property and personnel
  • UL listed replacement for standard air terminals