Universal Messenger - Drop Wire Clamp - CATV

The Universal Messenger Drop Wire Clamp is uniquely designed to accept series 59, 6 and 7 messengered coax cable with messenger of up to .072" diameter*. It may be mounted on the Sachs® Omni House Hook, SCO3 Span Clamp, P House Hook or any clamp/hook or functional equivalent by means of the large eye bailwire. Messenger cable is secured within the clamp by means of a simple wrapping technique. DESIGN FEATURES • Channel shaped body with large diameter rolled “nose” section, helps protect coax cable from strain and abrasion • Combination of body design and wrapping technique allows installer to securely “dead end” messenger without risking breakage even under high tensile loads (225 lb min rating) • Stainless steel bailwire insures a strong corrosion resistant, worry-free connection of messengered cable. • Folded edges on all sections of the body reduce the possibility of damage to coax cable or messenger jacket and reduce possible installer injury • Aluminum body and stainless steel bailwire guarantee a corrosion free service life

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SC02MFA-SSUniversal Messenger Drop Wire Clamp