O Span Clamps

The DIAMOND “O” Span Clamp is used in CATV installations to provide drop wire take-offs along the span and relieve tension on the drop wire at this point. The DIAMOND “O” Span Clamp was recently developed for CATV with the only true “O” configuration in the industry. The clamping plates are made of 4" thick, high grade aluminum alloy to prevent distortion of the plates while being fastened on the messenger strand. The true “O” configuration provides a stronger curl than the hook design used in other “O” clamps on the market. The “O” design provides better retention of the drop wire and eliminates the problem of an attached wire being loosened by wind whip. All of the steel parts are corrosion resistant due to DIAMOND’s quality galvanizing process.

Ordering Information

Part NumberCarton QuantityWeight Per 100 Pcs.
27-0086010021.5 lbs