Heat-Shrinkable Cable Sleeve

Raychem’s TCS2 cable sleeve is a crosslinked, heat-shrinkable polyolefin sleeve used for insulating and sealing underground and aerial connections in CATV plant. Such cable connections include splices, trunk amplifiers, line extenders, splitters, directional couplers, and taps. The sleeve is also used in low voltage (600V) electrical power distribution applications. The TCS2 cable sleeve is precoated with a special Raychem sealant that flows when heated. This sealant is water-insoluable, and will adhere to virtually all substrate surfaces, ensuring an environmental seal and protection against moisture and water penetration. In addition, the sleeve is thermally stable and resistant to ultraviolet light and weathering. Proper installation is assured because the TCS2 cable sleeve has green thermo-chromic stripes that turn brown when sufficient heat has been applied, signifying adhesive flow and sleeve recovery. The sleeve can be installed in minutes by just one person. TCS2 cable sleeves are designed so that a few sizes can fit virtually all common cable sizes. Its wide shrinkage range makes it easy to apply where there are large diameter differences between the cable and the connector. Raychem’s TCS2 cable sleeve offers reliable, long-term performance as proven by its material properties, system performance, and field tests.