ERITECH® Copperbonded Ground Rods In a grounding system, the ground electrode provides the physical connection to the earth and is the instrument used to dissipate current into it. There are two main types of electrodes.

“Natural” electrodes are intrinsic to the facility and include metal underground water pipe, the metal frame of the building (if effectively grounded), and reinforcing bar in concrete foundations.

“Made” electrodes are installed specifically to improve the performance of the grounding system and include wire meshes, metallic plates, buried copper conductor and rods or pipe driven into the ground.

The ground rod is the most widely used grounding electrode. ERICO® is the world's largest manufacturer of ground rods and offers a complete line of rods and accessories to meet the needs of every user.

Copperbonded Ground Rods

Resist corrosion better than galvanized rods allowing for a 30-year service life in most soils
State of the art manufacturing process ensures uniform plating thickness
Average tensile strength of 80,000 psi and straightness tolerance of .010" per linear foot
Exceed the requirements of ANSI®/UL® 467-1984, CSA®, and ANSI/NEMA® GR-1
Pointed Copperbonded Ground Rods

Manufactured of high strength 1035 cold drawn steel
The ERICO preferred ground rod
Compression Couplers for Pointed Rods

For use when coupling pointed rods
Sectional Copperbonded Ground Rods

For use when it is necessary to deep-drive rods
Cold-rolled threads - stronger than cut threads
Threaded Couplers for Sectional Rods

For use when coupling sectional rods
Drive Studs for Sectional Rods

Screws into threaded coupler while rod is being driven

ERICO has a complete line of ground rods and accessories to meet the needs of every user.