Drop Wire Mast Bracket

DIAMOND’s DW Mast Bracket provides a means of securing drop wire to service mast. · “U” Bolt clamp range is 2-1/2" to 3" DIA. · Bracket strap made of high quality 80,000 psi steel. · “U”- Bolt (5/16" - 18 x 3-1/2") plated and chromated per ASTM B633. · Drop wire hook’s load capacity exceeds 700 lbs. Formed from high quality 80,000 psi steel. · Drop wire hook riveted to bracket strap. · Hook and strap mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM specifications A153 and B695.

Ordering Information

Part NumberCarton QuantityWeight Per 100 Pcs.
40-005405043.5 lbs.