Diamond®-Tek Cable Support Straps

Diamond-Tek Cable Support Straps are made of Dupont™ Delrin® acetal resin. They offer excellent UV moisture and chemical resistance properties, providing 20-year plus outdoor life expectancy and a unique advantage over other ties.

  • Heads contain two unique stainless steel locking pawls to help enhance the grip and strength of strap
  • Bellcore Approved
  • Tie Straps are compatible with standard installation tooling
  • Tie Straps are offered as specific length ties, value rolls and value packs with multiple rolls and heads. This allows the ties to meet different customers’ needs and applications
  • Tie Strap dimensions 1/2” wide by .050” thick Physical Properties
  • Strap and Head: Dupont™ Delrin® acetal resin
  • Locking Pawl: 301 Stainless Steel – Full Hard and RoHS Compliant Environmental Properties
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 °F to 185 °F
  • High UV Resistance
  • Material Flammability Rating: UL94HB Mechanical Properties
  • 350 lb. Tensile
  • Insertion Force 5 lbs or less

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionStrap LengthHeads/Spacers Per Pack
DT-D-10 Tie Strap with Locking Head10 in.
DT-D-13 Tie Strap with Locking Head 13.5 in.
DT-D-16 Tie Strap with Locking Head 16 in.
DT-D-27 Tie Strap with Locking Head 27 in.
DT-D-RL-50 Tie Strap Roll, Plastic Reel 50 ft.
DT-D-BX-50 Tie Strap Roll, Self-Dispensing Box 50 ft.
DT-D-BX-100 Tie Strap Roll, Self-Dispensing Box 100 ft.
DT-D-BX-300 Tie Strap Roll, Self-Dispensing Box 300 ft.
DT-D-PK-5 Tie Strap Pack, 5 Rolls of 50 ft. 250 ft. 150
DT-D-PK-10 Tie Strap Pack, 10 Rolls of 50 ft. 500 ft. 300
DT-D-LH-25 Locking Heads 25
DT-D-KIT Tie Strap, Lineman Kit 50 ft.25
DT-D-SP-100 Modular Stackable Spacer 100