Dead-Ends (Galvanized Steel)

There is no quicker, easier way to support Figure-8 wire or cable than with PREFORMED dead-ends. Merely strip the messenger and wrap on the dead-end for permanent installation. The helical shape will insure low distribution of holding stresses to prevent premature fatigue. False or double dead-ending can be accomplished without cutting the messenger, a feature exclusive with all PREFORMED dead-ends.

Ordering Information

Catalog #DescriptionCable Diameter
DE-2525For use on Galvanized Steel Messenger.051"
DE-2505For use on Galvanized Steel Messenger.063" - .072"
DE-2506For use on Galvanized Steel Messenger.083"
GDE-2501For use on Galvanized Steel Messenger.109"
GDE-2503For use on Galvanized Steel Messenger.134"