Contech Systems, Inc. Poly-Chem™ Shrink Sleeves

Reliable high-end passives together with the technological breakthrough of Poly-Chem™ shrink sleeves, provides a robust, weather proofed sealing interface. Preventing signal integrity issues, service disruptions and truck rolls. Weather proofing should not be a time consuming business, the shrink sleeves are a tool-less easy-to-use solution that fits in small spaces and that can be installed quickly.

Contech Poly/Chem-Shrink PCS is an innovative solution for protecting connections in all kinds of antenna and cable systems. Made of special material, the tubes applied on the connections shrink without any additional means (no need for torch, flame or heat gun). The biggest advantage is the fact that the whole process of shrinking lasts 24 hours and is practically independent of the ambient temperature. The connection protected by the tubing is completely water and moisture proof (the water absorption of the material is not more than 0.05%).


  • Maximum moisture protection
  • Easy installation and re-entry
  • Shrinks uniformly 100% every time
  • No heat, flame or tools required
  • No special skill sets required to perform shrink
  • Superior low temperature flexibility
  • Sleeves designed for maximum moisture protection