Cable Ties

Natural and UV Black Nylon 6.6 Cable Ties

The Marathon Cable Ties are manufactured from polyamides (Nylon 6/6). Nylon possesses an outstanding balance of properties, combining strength, moderate stiffness, high service temperature and a high level of durability. Particularly resistant to repeated impact, nylon has a low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance.

Marathon Cable Ties exceed the required industry standard tensile strength.

Faster - low insertion and pull through force

Stronger - high tensile strength is achieved from one piece, advanced pawl, and teeth design

Easier - angled tail provides quicker initial insertion alignment and tail finger grips allow easier handling and tightening

Safer - rounded edges provides added safety and eliminates insulation damage

  • Great for bundling cable, wire, hoses, ducts and countless other applications
  • Good resistance to bases, oils, grease, oil derivatives and chloride solvents
  • Flammability rating: UL 94 – V2
  • UL Certified for electrical installations under UL62275
  • UL Certified to support flexible metal conduits and cables in construction under UL Type 21
  • Min/Max Operating Temp: -40°F/185°F (-40°C/85°C)
  • Min Install Temp: 14°F (10°C)

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionPack Size
CTNAT5IN401000Plastic Barb Type, 5.5 Inch, 40lb1,000
CTNAT8IN501000Plastic Barb Type, 7.5 Inch, 50lb1,000
CTNAT8IN50100Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 50lb100
CTNAT8IN401000Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 40lb1,000
CTNAT8IN181000Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 18lb1,000
CTNAT15IN50100Plastic Barb Type, 14.5 Inch, 50lb100
CTBHP8IN501000Metal Barb Type, 8 Inch, 50lb1,000
CTBHP12IN401000Metal Barb Type, 11.8 Inch, 40lb1,000
CTBHP15IN501000Metal Barb Type, 14.5 Inch, 50lb1,000
CTB4IN181000Plastic Barb Type, 4.0 Inch, 18lb1,000
CTB5IN401000Plastic Barb Type, 5.5 Inch, 40lb1,000
CTB8IN40100Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 40lb100
CTB8IN50100Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 50lb100
CTB8IN120100Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 120lb100
CTB8IN501000Plastic Barb Type, 8.0 Inch, 50lb1,000
CTB11IN40100Plastic Barb Type, 11.0 Inch, 40lb100
CTB11IN50100Plastic Barb Type, 11.0 Inch, 50lb100
CTB12IN501000Plastic Barb Type, 11.8 Inch, 50lb1,000
CTB14IN50100Plastic Barb Type, 14.0 Inch, 50lb100
CTB14IN120100Plastic Barb Type, 14.0 Inch, 120lb100
CTB15IN40100Plastic Barb Type, 14.5 Inch, 40lb100
CTB15IN50100Plastic Barb Type, 14.5 Inch, 50lb100
CTB15IN50500Plastic Barb Type, 14.5 Inch, 50lb500
CTB15IN501000Plastic Barb Type, 14.5 Inch, 50lb1,000