Cable Suspension ClampHot Dip Galvanized

Joslyn Cable Suspension Clamps are used with through bolts, which serve as a clamping member, and are shaped to securely grip messenger wire to the pole. A nut and square washer is used between the clamp and the pole to provide proper spacing. The J1095 is used for light cables and consists of the clamping members only. A 5/8" through bolt tightens the clamp on the wire as well as to the pole. The J1096 and J25088.1 three–bolt clamps are used for heavier cables and are furnished with a 5/8" through bolt hole. The J25088.1 keeper plate is flat. The J26049 three–bolt clamp is also used for heavier cables and is furnished with a 3/4" through bolt hole.

Ordering Information

Part NumberNumber of BoltsClamp Bolt Diameter (in)Clamp Length (in)Mounting Hole Diameter (in)Strand Diameter (in)Approx Ship Weight (Lbs) Per 100 Pieces
J10951-2-1/211/161/4 to 7/1667
J1096+31/25-3/411/16 x 15/161/4 to 7/16180
J25088.131/25-3/411/16 x 15/161/4 to 7/16175

+ Bell Standard