Cable Lashing Clamp

The DIAMOND “D” & “E” Cable Lashing Clamp is used in CATV and telephone aerial construction to secure lashing wire terminations at any interruption to cable span continuity, or end of lashing wire coil. The many unique features of the DIAMOND “D” Cable Lashing Clamp have made it the standard of the communications industry. The 13/64" clamping plates are made of specially rolled high tensile strength steel. The “E” Cable Lashing Clamp is essentially the same as the “D” clamp except the clamping plates are of one piece design for fast clamping. The 1/4" diameter stud bolt, also made of high tensile strength steel, is staked at both ends to prevent loss of nuts while positioning the clamp prior to tensioning. The stud has a square shoulder at midpoint which mates with a square hole in the clamping plate. This prevents rotation of the bolt during final tightening of the clamp to the messenger strand prior to retaining the tension of the lashing wire. Two large diameter, heavy duty steel washers are provided to assure permanent attachment of the terminated lashing wire. All parts are corrosion resistant due to DIAMOND’s quality galvanizing process. · Made of high quality steel. · Galvanized to meet ASTM specifications A153 and B695. · Minimum tensile strength of the clamping plate is 80,000 P.S.I. · Tensile strength of the stud is 3,000 lbs. · Clamping range from 1/4" (6.6M) to 7/16" (16M) messenger strand. · Large diameter, heavy duty steel washers assure permanent attachment of the lashing wire. · Clamp is manufactured so the square shank on the stud fits a square hole in the clamping plates to prevent rotation when the nut is tightened. · Used as a standard by all major telephone companies and throughout the telecommunications industry. · R.E.A. accepted.

Ordering Information

Part NumberCarton QuantityWeight Per 100 Pcs.
26-09010 Type D10015.3 lbs
26-09020 Type E10010.8