DOWNCONVERTER, ANALOGPico Macom Downconverter, Analog

Specify Ch 14-83 to 2-13

The Pico Macom XUV is a professional grade, very cost effective phaselocked loop synthesized channel converter which translates a single UHF channel to VHF. When used with a band-pass filter (Item# BPF), the unit's excellent frequency stability and skirt selectivity make the XUV ideal for adjacent channel headend systems. The unit can be reconfigured to any channel within band by qualified service centers. With 20 dB of built-in gain, the XUV can be used in smaller cable systems without the cost of additional amplification. In medium to larger systems, improved selectivity and automatic gain control are achieved when the XUV is followed by a single channel bandpass filter and strip amplifier (Item# BPF).