PROCESSOR, ANALOG AGILE CH.T7-125/2-PPPPico Macom Agile Processor, Ch. T7-125/2-78

The Pico Macom PFAP550MS is a frequency agile, microprocessor-controlled, professional re-broadcast grade, double-heterodyne signal processor that converts one channel to another without the need to demodulate and remodulate the signal. Front panel push-button controls enable input and output channel selection. Sub-band capabilities allow the reprocessing of remote channel origination for distribution over the entire cable system making it the ideal signal processor in government and institutional environments. A rear-panel switch enables sub-band channel operation. The unit uses state-of-the-art low noise PLL, SAW filter, and AGC techniques to provide superior picture quality and reliability, thereby dramatically improving customer satisfaction. The PFAP550MS?s unique sync tip detection AGC design delivers consistently high quality picture even at extremely low input levels. Its high-selectivity SAW filtering enables the unit to process any single cable channel, even in the most crowded systems. In the event of power failure, the microprocessor?s non-volatile memory preserves input and output channel identification guaranteeing proper reset when power is restored. The PFAP550MS?s high frequency and extremely high accuracy phase-locked-loop oscillators enable the unit to meet the frequency offset and stability requirements of FCC Docket 21006.