PROCESSOR, FREQ. AGILE Olsen Technology Frequency Agile Processor, 54-801MHz IN/550MHz Out NTSC, 1 IF, 1 RU

The frequency agile OTR-3550 offers the ultimate in flexibility. It will select any input channel from channel 2 VHF through channel 69 UHF, including all cable channels through 470MHz, and will select high level (+60dBmV) outputs on any channel from channel 2 through channel PPP (547.25MHz). All input and output channels are selectable by front panel DIP switch. The OTR-3550 offers such features as >80dB out-of-band carrier to noise ratio, which allows unlimited numbers of the OTR-3550 to be combined without the need for external bandpass filters. The OTR-3550 functions automatically with BTSC stereo or monaural audio carriers.

• Any input channel, VHF / UHF / CABLE / HRC or IRC
• Standard output channels from Ch. 2 to Ch. PPP (547.25MHz)
• Available with sub-band input and output capabilities
• BTSC stereo compatible
• High level (+60dBmV typical) spurious free output
• Excellent out-of-band carrier to noise ratio (typically >80dB)
• 60dB adjacent channel rejection with dual saw filtering
• Composite I.F. loop
• Low power consumption for reliable long term operation
• Available in four standards - NTSC, PAL B/G, PAL I & PAL D