Microduct Fiber Optic TechnologyThis product can be customized to meet your specific project needs; be it 7-way, 5-way, 4-way, 3-way or 2-way. It can also be packaged as MicroDucts in an oversheath configuration for aerial, conduit, or buried applications to meet your specific needs.

Fiber technology is constantly changing. By installing only the fibers you need today, you have the opportunity to utilize the latest in fiber technology as it becomes available in either a MicroCable or Blown Fiber configuration.

By reducing wasted conduit space, MicroTechnology allows maximum utilization of all current and future telecommunications infrastructure.

Enhanced Profitability
MicroTechnology allows maximum cost-effectiveness and greatest return on investment for existing and future right-of-way expenditures.

Network Expansion
By placing several MicroDucts into the larger empty ducts (or a few MicroDucts into occupied ducts), the concerns of future expansion are addressed. Future build-outs will not interrupt existing services.

Enhanced Utilization of Capital
MicroCable comes in sizes ranging from a 2 fiber to 144 fiber count cable. Micro fiber optic cable costs are generally lower. By using the lower fiber count cable, the upfront cost is dramatically less. You would only install the MicroCable as needed to satisfy a customer’s present requirements for capacity. That way, you can keep your investment very closely tied to your present cash flow.