Innerduct is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene in accordance with the specifications of ASTM F-2160 and/or NEMA TC 7. Other dimensional requirements may be acceptable upon request.

To decrease costly shoring and hazardous working conditions the duct can be assembled above the ditch, plowed in, buried in open ditches or pulled through existing conduit.

Innerduct is offered in various sizes and wall thickness, some of which are covered in the charts on next pages. The duct may be ordered in continuous coils, with or without steel reels, or produced in straight lengths up to 50 feet.

Additional Features:

  • High strength to endure heavy external loads
  • Flexibility, toughness, light weight, and impact resistance help lower installation cost
  • Resist corrosive chemicals and aggressive soils
  • Long term strength for increased life and performance
  • Moisture proof and watertight
  • Coils provide for fewer joints and lower installation costs
  • Does not support biological growth
  • Color-coded for easy identification

See PDF for complete information and to configure part numbers.