E-Loc Transition Coupling

The E-Loc Transition Coupling is a compression coupling used to provide a watertight/airtight connection for different diameter duct in buried or restrained applications.

The E-Loc Transition Coupling has all the great features as the standard E-Loc Coupling including the ability to join dissimilar materials such as PVC, HDPE, fiberglass or metal.

The E-Loc Transition Coupling is watertight to 200 psi when restrained on smooth wall, ribbed and corrugated duct.

Custom lengths and transition are also available.

Ordering Information

Part NumberFrom Nom Duct SizeTo Nom Duct SizeCoupling OD (in)Coupling Length (in)
ELA6656*5” IPS6” IPS7.7006
ELA6645*6” IPS4” IPS7.7006
ELA47454.750” O.D. DUCT4” IPS5.5636
ELA4543184” IPS4.350” “C” DUCT5.56318
ELA45424” IPS4.215” O.D. DUCT5.5636
ELA4540*4” IPS3-1/2” IPS5.5636
ELA4335*4.350” “C” DUCT3” IPS5.5636
ELA35283” IPS2-1/2” IPS4.5006
ELA23192” IPS1-1/2” IPS3.5006
ELA23162” IPS1-1/4” IPS3.5006
ELA2351832” IPS1-1/2” I.D. DUCT3.5006
ELA5645R*# 5” IPS4” IPS6.6256
ELA47434.750” O.D. DUCT4.350” “C” DUCT5.5636
ELA1916 1-1/2” IPS1-1/4” IPS2.8756
ELA1915R# 1-1/2” IPS1.540” I.D. DUCT2.8756
ELA16161-1/4” IPS 1.580” I.D. DUCT2.3756
ELA16151-1/4” IPS 1.540” I.D. DUCT2.3756
ELA161311-1/4” IPS1” IPS2.3756
ELA151311.540” I.D. DUCT1” IPS2.3756
LA137131” DURALINE CORR. 1” IPS2.3756
ELA086480.860” DUCT1/2” IPS1.5406
ELA4528*4” IPS 2-1/2” IPS5.5636
ELA35233” IPS2” IPS4.5006
ELA23152” IPS1.540” I.D. DUCT3.5006
ELA19131-1/2” IPS1” IPS2.8756
ELA16140 1-1/4” IPS 1.400” O.D. DUCT2.3756
ELA1661051-1/4” IPS3/4” IPS2.3756
ELA5645* 5” IPS4” IPS6.6256
ELA45434” IPS4.350” “C” DUCT5.5636
ELA4535*4” IPS3” IPS5.5636
ELA45234” IPS2” IPS5.5636
ELA28232-1/2” IPS2” IPS5.5636
ELA23132” IPS1” IPS3.5006
ELA1771541.770” O.D. DUCT 1.540” I.D. DUCT 2.3756
ELA161371-1/4” IPS 1.370” O.D. DUCT2.3756
ELA15141.540” I.D. DUCT1.420” O.D. DUCT2.3756

* Non Stock Made to Order. # Repair Transition Fitting (No Stop)