Double E-Loc Couplings

The Double E-Loc coupling was designed and developed to join both smooth and ribbed HDPE innerduct, specifically for pneumatic methods of cable placement where air and water-tight integrity of the system is imperative, and where the joint is unrestrained such as in a vault, manhole or hand hole.

The standard E-Loc coupling is pressure tight to internal pressures above 200 psi when restrained or buried, but the Double E-Loc can maintain these pressures unrestrained. The Double E-Loc coupler is reusable.


  • Sizes 1” thru 2” IPS
  • Pressure tested in excess of 200 psi unrestrained
  • Pull out tests exceeds pull requirement of conduit pull tests
  • Quick - Easy to install - Reusable
  • Can be used on smooth and ribbed HDPE conduit
  • No metal components