4 Ch L-Band Over single Fiber Extender 45-3000Mhz -CWDM

4 Channels of L-Band over Fiber Optic Transmitter / Receiver for Satellite TV Up to 32 End points

4 LNB/Satellite TV Polarities over 1 strand single mode fiber up to 40Km for Remote Dish locations

The most convenient way to transport any modern Satellite signal over single mode fiber using an internal multiplexer to carry up to 4 signals of RF Satellite feeds

  • Up to 4 RF feeds from satellite 4 LNB’s over 1 strand Single mode fiber

  • Wide frequency response 45-3000 MHz (Super Wide Band ATSC through Lband compatible)

  • Compatible with multiple providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, Free-to-air

  • Designed for use with Single Wire Multiswitch Systems (SWiM)

  • Up to 32 end points from one single transmitter

  • Plug and Play

  • Does not saturate

  • RF Signal Input to the Transmitter = RF Signal Output from the receiver (100% Transparent)

  • Transmitter RF Input can power LNB- 13V or 18V

  • Easily add ATSC RF from local antenna through our wide frequency band that supports 54-3000Mhz

  • Sends 22Khz control tone

  • LCD display and Front panel interface for easy device management

  • Transmitter displays RF Input Power for individual RF feeds and  Optical Output power for each individual CWDM laser (4 lasers total)

  • Receiver displays Optical input power from each of the 4 lasers, and RF output Power as well

  • Internal Power Source: AC power supply 110V-220V

  • Redundant power supply

  • Direct TV / Dish Network Compliant

IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion.