COMBINER 16 PORTPico Macom, Combiner, 16 Channel Active, Ch. T7-78

The Pico Macom CHC16U Series are professional re-broadcast grade quality high-isolation 16-channel active headend combiners available in 82-Channel (54-550 MHz) and 135-Channel (54-860 MHz) frequency bandwidths. These units are designed to combine up to 16 input channels into a common broadband output. The CHC16U Series features a front-panel-adjustable hybrid push-pull amplifier to compensate for the combiner‹¨«s insertion losses and drive the cable system directly. The high quality directional coupler design provides high isolation between input ports, ensuring minimal interaction between the digital and/or analog input sources. Additionally, the units' high isolation and built-in gain maximize carrier-to-noise ratio and overall picture quality.