ResiLink Mini Figure-8 Drop Cable

ResiLink Mini Figure-8 Drop Cable for Aerial and Duct Applications

Easy Access Design

  • Optical fiber and messenger are accessible using standard wire strippers
  • Optical fiber cable sub-unit easily separates from messenger

Ruggedized Fiber Sub-Unit

  • Messenger can be removed without exposing the buffer tube
  • Fiber sub-unit has tensile strength independent of the messenger
  • Fiber sub-unit can be secured in closures or routed into buildings without the messenger

Stranded Stainless Steel Messenger

  • Quick, reliable span terminations with No. 5056 Wirevise
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Flexible and kink resistant
  • Bonding/Grounding is simple and reliable
  • Messenger can be used for tone location

Versatile Design

  • Small cross-section and high strength provide excellent aerial performance
  • Can be pulled through duct
  • Compact, separable fiber sub-unit maximizes closure utilization

Highly Flexible

  • Easy to coil and store in tight spaces
  • Cable is not tightly sprung on the reel and will not unspool itself

Sheath Markings

  • Custom print available Performance
  • RDUP listed (tested in accordance with PE-90)

Registered Supplier

  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TL 9000