CommScope Rapid Fiber Panel Series

The new 4RU Rapid Panel now has double the density up to 288f LC. The higher density is achieved by using a 3mm 24f singlemode cable with no changes to the chassis or trays. It will maintain all current standards and test specifications. This new 288f 4U Rapid Panel is available in 4RU with LC/UPC or LC/APC connectors on the bulkhead along with either 12f MPO, single fiber breakouts, stub or CMODs on the far end. It can store 75 feet of cable per tray inside the panel and additional lengths are available in 75 foot increments. The 288f 4U Rapid Panel is the only one to use the 3mm 24f cable. All other sizes and densities will continue to use the current microcable.

The Rapid Fiber panel is an important innovation in the fiber optic panel market. Serving as a key distribution point between the active equipment and the main optical distribution frame, the Rapid Fiber panel offers service providers unmatched savings in installation time, labor costs and performance. Rapid Fiber panels utilize CommScope's unique RapidReel fiber cable spools so the cable is always the right length. Available to store up to 100' of cable inside the panel up to 1000‘ of total cable length, the cable terminates to a single fiber breakout (SC or LC) or MPO which enables a plug-and-play connection to the main distribution frame or other point of connection. Stub-end cable options are available for splicing at the far end. The Rapid Fiber panel connector options and cables ensure fast cable routing and easy handling by technicians; and offers maximum space savings for high density fiber applications. The Rapid Fiber panel's combination of cable, RapidReel spooling and connector technology in a single panel not only relieves cable congestion but also simplifies the ordering and inventory of equipment. The panel also features CommScope's industry-leading cable management—providing bend radius protection, intuitive cable routing paths and excellent physical protection for optimal network performance. Panels are available with SC or LC connectors on the front, singlemode or multimode, and Indoor/Outdoor or Plenum cable with single fiber breakouts (SC or LC), MPO’s or stubs on the far-end.


• Cost Savings: RapidReel cable spools reduce upfront deployment costs by simplifying site survey inspections, reducing labor hours and streamlining cable deployment.
• Speed of Deployment: Pre-connectorized, plug-and-play solution eliminates splice labor requirements and speeds network construction.
• Access: Technician-friendly, front-facing interface ensures trouble-free maintenance and fast service turn-ups.
• Simplified Ordering: All-in-one panel, cable and slack storage solution simplifies ordering and stocking requirements.
• Space Savings – Rack Density: Compact low loss MPO connector design and multi-fiber cable is ideal for high density intrafacility applications. Excess fiber is stored within unit – no additional enclosures are required.
• Space Savings – Overhead: Each Rapid Fiber panel cable is the equivalent of 24 fiber jumpers—resulting in 70% space savings within FiberGuide cable management compared to 1.7 mm jumpers, and 85% space savings within ladder racking compared to standard IFC cable.
• Performance: Offers superior cable management with highly reliable connectors for uninterrupted network operation and high quality of service.