CommScope Prodigy® Universal Small Form Hardened Connector System

A simple, smarter hardened connector solution

Prodigy™, CommScope’s newest innovation in hardened connectivity, unlocks the potential of your fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network with comprehensive solutions that install faster and simpler than ever. Prodigy is a small-form hardened connector system for fiber terminals and cable assemblies and is the preferred choice for future-ready networks.

Prodigy is universally compatible with multiple hardened fiber connectors, making it a game-changer in plug-and-play FTTH solutions. Prodigy received CommScope’s “Innovators in Action” award because it represents a breakthrough technology that’s set to revolutionize network architecture. 

Unique universal compatibility

  • Compact and small footprint, space-saving design for high-density environments
  • Compatible with multiple hardened connectors
  • The converter kit is preassembled for ease of installation

Safe. Worry-proof

To ensure the highest level of safety in the field, our design development followed a poka-yoke—mistake-proofing—design philosophy to help eliminate errors.

  • Connects easily with a 45-degree twist to lock the connector core in the adapter, converter and dust cap
  • Self-locking mechanism with audible click enhances safety and provides peace of mind
  • Prevents accidental release of the converter

Easy. Error-proof

Self-guided automatic alignment with a wide working range simplifies adapter and converter installation and minimizes the chance of connection errors.

  • Innovative “break-free” design enables reuse of core connector in the event of field connection errors

Prodigy simplifies field installation logistics and ordering for customers who use multiple types of hardened connectors and terminals. With Prodigy, customers need only one cable assembly that will include the required different lengths. An installer can simply run a drop cable assembly and convert the Prodigy connector to the required connector in the connection box. Customers have total freedom in using this universal cable solution.