OPTICAL ATTENUATOR 1-7dB VARIABLE STEPSOlsen Technology Optical Attenuator, 1-7dB Variable Steps

The OTOA-1000 is the perfect companion to the Olson Technology, Inc. PremiseNode Models OTPN-x and MetroNode Models OTMN-x optical node/receiver product families, but is also designed to operate with optical node/receivers from most leading manufacturers.

• Low-cost method for adding step-variable optical attenuation without interrupting connections
• Passive device intentionally induces macrobend losses around a series of restrictive curvatures
• Combination of 1dB, 2dB & 4dB “loops” provides step-variable attenuation from 1dB thru 7dB*
• Built-in strain-relief mechanism minimizes changes in attenuation over time and temperature
• Ideally suited for singlemode 1310/1550 nm applications, including:
- Reduction of the optical signal at the receiver to attain the “sweet spot”
- Optical receiver protection during initial optical transmitter turn-up
- CATV/HFC video & high speed data distribution networks
- PON (passive optical networks)
- Laboratory testing