OFS Wall Mount Unit

Wall Mount Units (WMUs) are modular wall mount enclosures that provide cross connect or interconnect and splicing capabilities for inside building applications.

The building cable or outside plant cable enters from the top or bottom through feed holes. Capacity is easily increased by installing multiple units within a group on the backboard attached to the wall.

The enclosures mount to the wall and utilize the same panels as the rack-mount LGX shelves. The panels can be ordered empty as well as equipped with adapters. The panels are available with simplex, duplex and ganged adapters. OFS’ WMUs are designated according to the numbers of panels that they can accept.

WMU2, WMU4, and WMU8 can accept 2, 4 and 8 panels respectively.


  • WMU2 up to 24 LC, 24 SC or 16 ST®
  • WMU4 up to 48 LC, 48 SC or 32 ST
  • WMU8 up to 96 LC, 96 SC or 64 ST
  • Wall Mountable
  • Top & Bottom Cable Entry
  • Snap in panels either 2, 4 or 8
  • Slack Storage Fiber Rings
  • Snap in splice trays


  • WMU2: 11” H X 9” W X 3.25” D
  • WMU4: 11” H X 10” W X 4.0” D
  • WMU8: 11” H X 17” W X 5.6” D