OFS - TrueWave® Reach Fiber

TrueWave® REACH fiberfrom OFS provides optimum performance for today’s optically amplified systems, over longer distances and with higher capacity.

TrueWave REACH fiber currently offers:

  • · Optimum dispersion slope over the C-, L- and even S-bands of any Non-Zero Dispersion fiber (NZDF), for optimum performance in all three wavelength bands
  • · Fully matched, commercially available dispersion compensating fiber module solutions
  • · Optimized characteristics for optimum Raman amplification performance
  • · Excellent system Polarization Mode Dispersion performance
  • · The ability to increase regenerator spacing well beyond 1000 km, for 10 and 40 Gb/s transmission systems, enabling the highest performance at the minimal system

These characteristics translate into greater information capacity, while minimizing the need for complex dispersion and dispersion slope compensators and additional optical amplification.

When designing today’s long haul networks, you need assurance that the fiber you choose will optimally operate with transmission systems available today and in future systems under demonstration today in research laboratories.

Using TrueWave REACH fiber, OFS has demonstrated:

  • · 3200 km transmission of 80 wavelength channels operating in the C-band alone, at 10 Gb/s each
  • · Greater than 3 Tb/s per second transmission over 1200 km of TrueWave REACH fiber, with 77 wavelength channels operating in both the C- and L-bands, each at 40 Gb/s
  • · S-band transmission of 40 wavelength channels at 10 Gb/s each, over 1200 km, with a Raman amplified system
  • · 2000 km transmission of 80 wavelength channels, each at 40 Gb/s, with wideband Raman amplification and RightWave DCMs that simultaneously compensate both the C- and L-bands

All of these demonstrations have been done with 100 km spans, consistent with actual terrestrial application distances.