OFS LIU Series Wall Mount Termination Shelves

Lightguide Interconnect Units (LIU’s) are modular enclosures providing cross connect and/or interconnect, splicing and terminating capabilities for outside plant and building cables. Although primarily designed as wall mounted units, they can be placed on a rack using a mounting bracket. Capacity is easily increased by installing and interconnecting multiple units.

The 100 LIU can terminate 12 fibers with ST or SC connectors, or 24 fibers with LC connectors. With an optional splicing kit it can accommodate up to 12 mechanical or fusion splices. Made of an engineered polycarbonate material, the 100 LIU can accommodate two adapter panels (ordered separately).

The 200 LIU can terminate 24 fibers using ST or SC connectors, or 48 fibers using LC connectors. It can accommodate up to 12 mechanical or fusion splices using an optional splicing kit. It can also accommodate up to 24 mechanical or fusion splices with optional splicing kits, but the fiber termination capacity is decreased to 12 ST or SC connections, or 24 LC connections. The 200 LIU is made of aluminum, and can accommodate four adapter panels (ordered separately).

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • 100A LIU up to 24 LC, 12 SC or 12 ST
  • 200A LIU up to 48 LC, 24 SC or 24 ST
  • Wall or frame mountable
  • Top & bottom cable entry for easy access
  • Two windows for snap-in connector coupling panels
  • Slack storage, Lockable
  • Fiber routing or expressing capability
  • Dimensions: 8.75” high x 7.5” wide x 3” deep (200A LIU is 4” deep)