FOSC 450 Gel Drop Seal

The FOSC 450 gel drop seal solution provides an improved level of efficiency for adding flat drop fiber cables to a FOSC 450 B, B-Short (BS), C or D sized closure.

Utilizing compressed gel sealing technology, each gel drop seal allows for adding up to 4 cables to a cable entry port without the need to open the existing base and gel block. Drop cables can be added at the initial install or deferred, whichever is preferred, to maximize flexibility and minimize cost.

Additional Features:

  • Accommodates typical outside plant flat drop style cables (1 to 12 fibers)
  • For use in all outside plant applications
  • Each gel drop seal holds up to 4 flat drop cables
  • Compressed gel sealing activated by simple tightening
  • Rugged housing
  • Sturdy cable and strength member retention
  • Gel drop seals can be placed to the closure day one or deferred until necessary
  • Drop cables are added with little to no impact to any existing drop cables