FDH 4000 Sealed Fiber Distribution Hub

The sealed FDH 4000 is designed for superior performance in any environment. Its small, compact size minimizes visual impact for discrete applications. The sealed FDH offers a robust and technician-friendly solution for connecting feeder and distribution cables via optical splitters in the FTTx network. The FDH can be installed in a vault, hand hole, or aerially via pole or strand.

Extremely Compact/High Capacity Design - Scalable up to 144 distribution ports,12-72 feeder ports. (Unused ports can be used for pass through applications)

Superior Performance - Unsurpassed reliability makes it ideal for aerial and below grade applications

Environmental Protection - Thermoplastic construction provides UV stabilization, flame retardancy, and chemical & impact resistance

Field Proven Hermetically Sealed Closure - Provides air/water tight seal ensuring protection from flooding and fungus

Re-Enterable/Reusable Shell - No re-entry kits or tools required

Supports Diverse Splitter Module Configurations - Standard optical splitters, CWDM’s and DWDM’s

Craft Friendly Splitter Module Design - Easy to insert and remove without affecting adjacent splitters

Compatible Mounting Kits (sold separately) - Allow for easy strand, pole, pedestal and hand-hole installations