Wide Band 4-Way Passive Splitter For AM / FM, HD Radio, Broadcast TV, Cable TV, and Satellite Radio

As opposed to standard splitters, this signal splitter has been specially designed to pass, with low-loss,signals from the bottom of the AM broadcast band (500 kHz) to beyond the top of the satellite radio band (2.4 GHz). With such a wide pass-band it is very useful for implementing whole-house and commercial RF distribution networks of signals used in all types of entertainment systems. It is also designed to pass DC from any of its output ports to the input port via protection diodes that prevent DC feedback.

It can be used in tandem with model MBA-12 ultra-wideband amplifier to implement a lossless splitter.
Insertion loss: 12 dB
Diode Protection: All Ports

This splitter is not recommended for use in stand-alone satellite radio splitter configurations without additional external amplification and DC impedance terminations (for XM applications).