OUTDOOR TAP 8-OUTPUT 5-1000 MHzOutdoor Directional Tap 8-Output, 5-1000 MHz

dB Values 11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32,35

Blonder Tongue has a complete line of quality outdoor multitaps with frequency coverage to 1000 MHz. The DMT Series are available in two, four and eight port models that are capable of both stand and pedestal mounting. These multitaps are constructed with the circuitry on a removable bottom plate for ease in changing tap values. Separate gaskets are used to provide weatherproofing and RFI integrity. All DMT's feature plated brass "F" connectors on the tap ports, and 5/8 - 24 entry fittings on input and output ports. DMT housings are made with 360 aluminum alloy with a polyurethane coating to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.