DA-DS/DSR6802+D Dual 1x4 or Single 1x8 with Built-in ACO, SD/ASIThe DA-DS6802+D/DA-DSR6802+D dual distribution amplifiers (DAs) provide two channels of SDI/ASI/SMTPE310 video distribution with cable equalizing and reclocking (reclocking on DA-DSR6802+ only). The DA-DS6802+D/DA-DSR6802+D dual DAs have four outputs for each input (two 1x4) or can be configured as single-channel DAs with eight outputs (1x8). The DA-DA-DS6802+D/DA-DSR6802+D dual DAs feature high video performance, low cost and remote indication of signal presence and alarms.

The DA-DS6802+D/DA-DSR6802+D DAs provide 20 channels of 1x4 or 10 channels of 1x8 SDI/ASI distribution in a 2RU frame with low power consumption, and full ASI compatibility on all outputs.

The DA-DS6802+D/DA-DSR6802+D protect your signal path with a unique automatic changeover (ACO) feature. With the built-in ACO, an automatic failover can be set to switch the primary input to the secondary with the loss of signal on the primary input. The user can select which input is designated as primary and which is secondary. This further leverages your investment and allows customers to have a backup to live or sync feeds directly on this DA!

• Inexpensive DA with equalizing and reclocking (DA-DSR6802+D only)
• Configurable as a single 1x8 or as dual 1x4 DA
• Automatic cable equalization on inputs
• Automatic or forced rate detection
• Reclocking with automatic or forced bypass (DA-DSR6802+D only)
• Identical polarity for ASI compatibility
• Built-in ACO protection between inputs
• Feedback status reports input signals present
• Feedback status reports input signals locked
• Card-edge control by jumpers with LED feedback
• Remote control with status and alarm
• 20 channels of 1x4 or 10 channels of 1x8 distribution in a 2RU 6800+ frame