BROADBAND OUTDOOR AMP 860MHzBroadband Outdoor Distribution Amplifier, 30 dB 54-860 MHz, Power Doubling, Active Return, 5-42 MHz

Use With VMI-AT, VMI-CEQ82

Designed with a cast- aluminum housing, the BODA is ideal for outdoor pedestal as well as indoor back board installations. The housing utilizes a carbonized rubber and wire mesh gasket to provide excellent protection against RFI and moisture ingress. 5/8 inch entry fittings in the housing allow hard line cable to connectdirectly to the amplifier. For RG-11 or RG-6 cabling applications, two KS-F adapters are included to provide input and output “F” connections. The amplifier has flexible powering features. For indoor mounting the supplied external 60 VAC power supply is connected to the BODA’s auxiliary power "F” connector using flexible coax. This feature permits remote powering, so the amplifier can be installed in a desired location for optimum performance without a need for an electrical outlet nearby. Powering can also be accomplished using 60/90 VAC CATV network powering. By changing internal jumpers, the BODA can accept power from its input or output and either stop or pass power through.