Video Processor ChassisThe Ericsson TV Video Processor Chassis is a high density, multi-functional, video processing platform. It is designed for the evolving requirements of today’s broadcasters. The Video Processor has a compact 1RU form factor with up to six hot swap option slots with a single PSU or up to four option slots with a dual PSU option, making it an ideal solution for the whole spectrum of high resilience to high density requirements. The Video Processor chassis supports a comprehensive range of video processing options, including SD MPEG-2 and HD MPEG-4 AVC encoding on hot swap option modules.

The platform’s modular design allows service providers to upgrade functionality and add new services incrementally, avoiding costly headend upgrades.

The Video Processor Chassis offers broadcasters the most advanced video and audio compression technology available today and is part of Ericsson TV’s portfolio of products including receivers, decoders, and descramblers all seamlessly integrated into a complete headend system with nCompass Control by Ericsson.

Ericsson TV’s Video Processor Chassis is the basis for the most efficient video compression engines available to the broadcast market. The platform it self is designed to address both the need for density with up to six option slots and the need for high resilience by making all the option slots hot swappable and the addition of a dual PSU version of the chassis.

Redundancy under nCompass Control by Ericsson can be both card and chassis based for ultimate resilience without disruption non failed channels.

The Video Processor Chassis supports Ericsson’s latest range of encoders.

The SD MPEG-2 EN8100 is simply the most efficient SD MPEG-2 encoder available. It delivers high quality SD video at bit-rates previously unachievable with the MPEG-2 standard. The radical design of the EN8100 is aimed specifically at the most demanding low bit-rate applications. The EN8100 is the ideal MPEG-2 real-time encoder for high performance DTH applications via satellite, digital terrestrial or cable.

The EN8190 is Ericsson TV’s third-generation of MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder. The EN8190 breaks new ground by implementing interpolating RDO coding technology for low bit rate high quality HD MPEG-4 compression.

Based on Ericsson’s own in house design, the EN8190 pushes encoding efficiency to new levels of excellence beating the previous generation of encoders by up to 25 percent.