MPEG-2 HD ENCODERHDE-2H/2S-QAM (MPEG-2 HD Encoder – 2xHDMI/2xHD-SDI/4xComponent – 4xQAM) accepts up to four (4) high-definition (HD) programs from any of the following inputs: 2xHDMI (unencrypted), 2xHD-SDI and 4xComponent. MPEG-2 encoded outputs are available in the following formats simultaneously: 4xQAM, 1xGigE (1000Base-T Ethernet), and 4xASI.

To improve transport efficiency, the encoder allows operator to (i) assign one (1) or two (2) programs to each QAM output channel, and (ii) to individually turn on/off each of the four (4) adjacent QAM output channels.
The encoder supports Dolby® Digital AC-3 audio encoding, and Closed Captioning (EIA-608 and EIA-708). It is also equipped with an Emergency Alert System (EAS) interface. A front-panel RF test point allows for monitoring/testing of the QAM output without service interruption.

Comprehensive remote monitoring and control is accomplished using any standard Web browser via a front-panel 10/100Base-T Ethernet connection.

• Accepts up to four (4) programs from any of the following inputs: 2xHDMI (unencrypted), 2xHD-SDI, and 4xComponent/Composite
• Simultaneously delivers the following outputs: 4xQAM, 4xGigE, and 4xASI
• Multiplexes up to four (4) input programs in any of the following output combinations:
(i) 1:1 (1 program per QAM channel)
(ii) 2:1 (2 programs per QAM channel, not exceeding 38.8Mbps)
(iii) 3:1 (3 programs per QAM channel, not exceeding 38.8 Mbps)
(iv) 4:1 (4 programs per QAM channel, not exceeding 38.8 Mbps)
• Each of the four (4) QAM channels can (i) contain 1 or 2 programs, and (ii) be turned on/off individually
• Provides +52 dBmV QAM output level for four (4) combined channels (+60 dBmV for 1 QAM)
• Provides comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control via standard Web browsers
• Supports Closed Captioning EIA-608 and EIA-708
• Equipped with EAS interface (Analog Video + L/R Audio)
• Supports Real-time Dolby® Digital audio encoding
• Supports user-defined PSIP configuration