Single Channel HD EncoderHDE-1C-QAM (MPEG-2 HD Encoder – 1xComponent/Composite – 1xQAM) accepts one (1) high-definition (HD) program from a component input or (1) standard definition (SD) from a composite video input. MPEG-2 encoded outputs are available in QAM (1x) format. The QAM RF output is frequency agile over the entire CATV frequency range of 5-1002 MHz (channels T7-T14, 2-158) with an output level of +40 dBmV. The encoder also has a Delayed Audio output feature to provide proper lip-syncing when external audio amplifiers are used in the system.

The encoder supports Dolby® Digital audio encoding and Closed Captioning (EIA-608). Comprehensive remote monitoring and control is accomplished using any standard Web browser via a front-panel 100/1000 Ethernet connection.

• Accepts one (1) program from any of the following inputs: 1xComponent or 1xComposite
• Delivers the following outputs: 1xQAM
• Provides +40 dBmV QAM RF output level
• Provides comprehensive GUI-based monitoring and control via standard Web browsers
• Compact design permits installation of up to 3 Encoder modules in 1RU
• Supports Real-time Dolby® Digital audio encoding
• Supports user-defined PSIP configuration
• Supports Closed Captioning EIA-608
• Full QAM output channel coverage from 5 to 1002 MHz (T7 to 158)
• Delayed Digital Audio Output feature for external audio applications
• Optional Analog Delayed Audio Output for public address system interface