Open System PSIP GeneratoruideBuilder® PSIP is deployed in more DTV networks than any other PSIP generator. It's used as a low-cost single-station PSIP generator, in multi-station systems with automatic failover redundancy, and for centralized PSIP management.

For creating accurate, up-to-date electronic program guides, GuideBuilder PSIP eliminates the need for extensive knowledge of ATSC standards. You can easily configure listing services, manage multiple services, change program schedules, and edit captioning and parental rating settings.
GuideBuilder PSIP Program Editor

The GuideBuilder program editor makes schedule changes and program overruns easy to do.
Integrates with your existing workflows

GuideBuilder PSIP interfaces with all popular traffic systems, automation systems, listing services, encoders, and multiplexers. And GuideBuilder PSIP supports a wide range of network configurations, from single stations to multi-station centralcasting.

GuideBuilder PSIP provides:
• Consistent PSIP and PSI generation to prevent transport stream errors
• Compliance with all current FCC PSIP requirements
• User interface that does not require an in-depth knowledge of PSIP and other ATSC standards
• Manual editing for recurring program, overruns, and last-minute changes
• Handles all ATSC PSIP tables: STT, MGT, TVCT, RRT, EIT, and ETT
• Automatic data importing, compatible with many input sources, and scheduled periodic updates
• Flexible architecture that distributes effort conveniently within organizations
• Support for multiple configurations, from single stations to centralcasting PSIP from a single operations center to multiple stations
Open-system integration for compatibility with all popular MPEG-2 encoders and multiplexers
Server redundancy option for uninterrupted PSIP generation