EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM, 12 A/V CHANNELSPico Macom, Emergency Alert System

12 Audio/Video Channels

The Pico Macom EAS12B is the most user friendly 12 channel professional rebroadcast grade audio-video emergency alert system on the market. It enables users, via a local or remote contact closure to simultaneously override up to 12 video and audio channels (monaural or BTSC stereo) with one video/audio override source. Alternately, the unit can be daisy-chained to override 23 channels with an audio or video-only override source. The EAS12B interrupts the primary signals at baseband level instead of breaking into the I.F. loop, eliminating the signal distortion and loss associated with traditional I.F. switching and providing compatibility with all I.F. loop and non I.F. loop modulators. The EAS12B employs CMOS field effect transistor (FET) switching for instantaneous transfer to and from the override source while maintaining very high isolation between input and output ports. Two or more units can be cascaded to provide emergency override audio-video alert on 24 or more cable channels. All connections are via industry standard "F" type coaxial jumpers.