Digitalinx Digital Signage / APP Player

DL-DMP-A Summary

The Digitalinx DL-DMP-A is an Android based media / APP player designed to work with many media applications available from the Google Play store. Designed to operate 24/7, this sturdy yet small form factor player (1”x4”x4”) is perfect for digital signage purposes, IPTV or can be simply used as a networking appliance.

Features built in memory for cloud based digital signage usage so when network connectivity is lost the player continues to play the last several slides in a loop until network connectivity is restored. This ensures there is never any ‘dead air’ on a TV display when the Internet / LAN connection to the device is lost. The DL-DMP-A can connect to LAN either via wired or by wireless connectivity. The device includes a 3’ HDMI cable to connect to a TV display.

The Novisign Player APP is already pre-installed for quick and easy set up for Novisgn Digital Signage license holders.