POWER VU Advanced  Receiver TranscoderMPEG-4 HD to MPEG-2 CATV Transcoder (2 Channel), 4 RF Inputs, ASI In/Out, PowerVu Conditional Access. Transcodes MPEG4 HD or SD to MPEG 2 HD or SD as well as decodes to analog and passes MPEG4 signal through on ASI output. This unit is a dual transcode - 2 transport streams in and up to 2 out.

• Capable of DVB-S/S2 reception
• Supports current and future MPEG AVC HD and MPEG-2 HD video reception needs by converting MPEG AVC input feeds to MPEG-2 HD as well as simultaneous downconversion of content to MPEG-2 SD and decode to analog
• Future proofs investment with ability to pass through of original MPEG AVC content

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