MPEG to Base Band Video/Audio or RFThe CableVista Edge Decoder performs MPEG decoding, modulation and upconversion for up to 24 NTSC or 12 PAL channels in a compact 1 RU chassis. The CableVista supports a variety of output card types in the same chassis including: Baseband NTSC/PAL, RF NTSC/PAL, RF NTSC with Off Air Reference. The CableVista provides customers with the highest degree of flexibility available. With numerous redundancy features, hot-swappable components and flexible software, the CableVista is the key element in today’s Digital Simulcast network.

Key Features
• Multiple output card types available:
- MPEG to Base Band (NTSC or PAL)
- MPEG to RF Channels (NTSC or PAL)

• EAS support as per SCTE 18 (NTSC BB or RF output cards only)
- Optional firmware load to support SCTE-27 subtitling instead of SCTE-18 EAS (must be specified at time of order)

• VITS insertion (NTSC BB or RF output cards only)

• Modular chassis fits up to 6 output cards and can provide:
- Up to 12 Base Band channels decoded in 1RU
- Up to 24 RF channels decoded in 1RU
(Mixing output cards of different types in a single chassis is also possible)

• Internal CLI Tagging (NTSC version only)
• Off Air Reference/Phase Lock (CV1116RF/OAPL)
• GbE Redundancy
• ASI Inputs
• Output module redundancy
• GbE or ASI daisy chaining of several CableVista units possible
• All modules and power supplies are hot-swappable
• IGMPv3 support
• Configuration and control via Web page interface (Configuration and control also available though RS232 or SNMP)
Field upgradable firmware to incorporate new features