Ateme Kyrion-DR Integrated Receiver DecoderThe Kyrion© DR5000 is a single channel multi-CODEC IRD, with easy setup, fast signal lock, and the industry best input robustness. It is a future-proof solution, with HEVC software upgrade option and support for 10-bit 4:2:2, SD, HD, UHD, MPEG2 and H264.

Integrated Receiver Decoder Features & Benefits

- Best in class video quality
- Proven interoperability
- Ease of use with front panel and web GUI
- Immediate service with ultra-fast-boot and low latency
- Ultra low latency mode
- Confidence Audio / Video input monitoring
- DVB-Common Interface option
- Service filtering with remuxed output
- Contribution over Internet support

An Ultra Low Latency Integrated Receiver Decoder HEVC, H264, MPEG2

The Kyrion© DR5000 provides the industry best baseband video quality, with high quality down scaling and de-interlacing, based on ATEME 5th generation STREAM© engine. The decoder receives feeds via 4x RF inputs, 2x ASI inputs and 2x IP inputs, all user selectable via front panel and web based user interface.
The Kyrion© DR5000 features advanced IP output forwarding options with descrambling and services filtering for re-distribution. When used with ATEME Kyrion© CM5000 encoder, the Kyrion© DR5000 enables ultra-low latency MPEG/DVB compliant link.
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