ASI to Gigabit Ethernet BridgeAn Ultra-Low Power Device that Migrates Legacy ASI Video Service Outputs to the IP Backbone

The Motorola AGB240 delivers highly reliable ASI to Gigabit Ethernet bridging for legacy video services. It is intended to bridge traffic from ASI-output IRDs, Encoders, video routers, and other video sources to a common Gigabit Ethernet IP backbone or transport network.

ASI inputs typically carry either pure TS payload, or TS with null stuffing. For example, if the AGB240 has inputs of 54Mbps streams with null stuffing, it can be configured to operate in two modes. In null-stripping mode, up to twenty-four (24) such inputs with TS payload of no more than 38.8Mbps can be bridged, the AGB240 will strip nulls and recalculate the PCR for each stream, and output all TS on the GbE interface. In pass through mode, up it could accept seventeen (17) 54Mbps streams with a combined output of 918Mbps on the GbE interface.

• Maps up to 24 MPEG2 Transport Streams from ASI to IP
• 931Mbps aggregate bridge bandwidth
• Less than 20W maximum power draw
• Mounts in 1 RU (rack unit)
• 24 ASI input ports
• Extended reach ASI cables up to 1,000 feet / 300 meters
• Front panel ASI monitor port
• Null removal option
• When null-removal is active, PCR correction
• When null-removal is active, CBR transport stream output 10/100 Ethernet control interface
• Choice of copper (included) or SFP Gigabit Ethernet connection
• Redundant internal power supply, unit runs on single power supply
• Built in surge protection
• Rear panel grounding lugs
• Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for redundant control path
• Web-based User Interface for easy setup and diagnostics
• Basic SNMP agent
• Front panel LEDs for at-a-glance diagnostics