Verge P4200

The Primex Verge P4200 Wi-Fi transparent Media Distribution Enclosure for structured wiring brings reliability when managing today’s inside cable system requirements. Its flexible design provides a convenient, lockable and centralized location for easy installation and distribution of multi-play services within residential and commercial premises.


  • Patent-pending, modular design provides simple scalability for a variety of space requirements
  • Wi-Fi transparent plastic delivers up to 15x more wireless signal strength than metal alternatives
  • Install and distribute multi-play services easily from one convenient and centralized location
  • Eliminate interference with equipment such as a router’s wireless signal with ABS polymer construction
  • Easy installation and transportation with the lightweight design
  • Multiple entry/exit knockouts on the sides, top, and bottom make them completely adaptable
  • Compatible Universal Mounting Plate makes configuration fast and easy

Ordering Information

Part #Description
125-1212P4200K - P4200 Kit with Base, Lid, and Frame (lockable)
125-0998P4200K - P4200 Lid and Frame only
125-0993P4200B - P4200 Base only