CMC 3000 Series 1GHz Horizontal & Vertical Digital Splitters with Camport

The Antronix CMC3000 series digital splitter has been designed specifically for today’s two-way broadband networks. It's digital broadcast & HDTV ready - making it compatible with existing and future networks.

Antronix’s patented CamPort® auto-seizing F-port connector enhances reliability with zero insertion force and >2000 grams pull force and provides full contact pressure along the entire connector center pin for the most reliable F-port on the market today.

Its flat 1 GHz bandwidth with minimal insertion loss supports present and future multimedia applications including video, data and telephony.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • All ports are protected against multiple 6 kV ring wave surges per IEEE specification C62.41 Category A3
  • Zinc alloy diecast housing & backplate w/proprietary nickel alloy plating protects the back of the housing where corrosion is more prominent
  • 100% soldered back ensures repeatable 120 dB RFI shielding
  • 1 inch Port-to-Port spacing flat 15 psi sealed SCTE-compliant F-Port prevents water migration into the splitter and ensures an excellent ground connection
  • UV-Resistant label
  • Operating temperature of -40 degree to 60 degree Celsius

Ordering Information

TVC Part #Manufacturer Part #DescriptionCase PackInner Pack
CMC3002HCMC3002HSplitter, 2Way, Horizontal, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3003HCMC3003HSplitter, 3Way, Horizontal, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3003BHCMC3003BHSplitter, 3Way Balanced, Horizontal, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3004HCMC3004HSplitter, 4Way, Horizontal, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3008HCMC3008HSplitter, 8Way, Horizontal, 1GHz, with CamPort10025
CMC3016HCMC3016HSplitter, 16Way, Horizontal, 1GHz, with CamPort205
CMC3002VCMC3002VSplitter, 2Way, Vertical, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3003VCMC3003VSplitter, 3Way, Vertical, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3003BVCMC3003BVSplitter, 3Way Balanced, Vertical, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3004VCMC3004VSplitter, 4Way, Vertical, 1GHz, with CamPort20025
CMC3006VCMC3006VSplitter, 6Way, Vertical, 1GHz, with CamPort10025
CMC3008VCMC3008VSplitter, 8Way, Vertical, 1GHz, with CamPort10025