UltraRange® F Compression  The UltraRange® series is a new generation of high performance sealed compression “F” connectors. This compression connector series combines ease of installation over a wide range of cable braid coverage with superior performance features.

The UltraRange 59 & 6 connector design incorporates a free spinning nut making installation faster and more reliable. The onepiece design eliminates any loose parts. Connectorization can be performed rapidly and consistently without the risk of misalignment of multiple parts.

The UltraRange compression technology provides 360 degrees of contact to the cable, providing excellent RF shielding integrity and a complete seal to the cable jacket to lock out moisture.


- Fits 60% to quad with one connector
- Uses standard compression tools
- Free-spinning sealed nut design
- 360º radial compression
- Full metal exterior
- Integrated thread starting guide
- One-step 1/4 x 1/4 cable preparation

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
GF-UR-59Series 59 - 60% thru Quad
GF-UR-6 Series 6 - 60% thru Quad